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Second Hand Guitars
Second Hand Guitars
Second Hand Guitars

Hello & Welcome to Foxy Rocks Music!

Second hand guitars, basses, amps and accessories specialist.

If you are looking for unique second hand guitars, basses, amps and accessories, you’ve come to the right place. Foxy Rocks Music is an independent music business based in Cornwall in the south west of the UK. Started in 2014 by owner Andy Fox the business has grown and Andy now sells a diverse range of high quality second hand instruments.

Dealing mostly in the bass market we source high quality bass guitars that are aimed at the serious musician to the new starter. We sell amplification and accessories too – so if there is anything you need we can normally get it.

We offer a professional friendly service that treats you as a customer and a musician. In our view you know best – it’s your playing style, your tone, your music and we want to find the best instrument for you.

Just because we are in Cornwall doesn’t mean we are out on a limb – far from it. We send second hand guitars and accessories all over the world and customers in Argentina, Hong Kong, Italy, USA and throughout the UK have had the Foxy Rocks Music experience.

Our aim is to provide quality second hand guitars and accessories, so if you have something to sell or trade then get in touch! We have a Facebook and twitter presence so check us out, like share and tweet – it all helps.

I hope you enjoy looking through our stock – please get in touch if you would like to speak to us.

Keep rockin’!!

Mint condition second hand guitars and accessories newly arrived…

Fender Precision 4 String Bass Mexican | EBMM Stingray 4H USA in Vintage Sunburst Black Pickguard | Vintage Kramer Focus 7000 4 string bass MIJ WARWICK STREAMER LX JAZZ 2006


and we have some great effects pedals also just in…  Boss ODB-3 Overdrive

 … check out our Recent Sales page and our Blog for industry updates